Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Suburban Surreal @ Modern Eden Gallery - Feb 3rd-25th

The paintings from my solo show 'Suburban Surreal' are now on view and for sale through Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco! I had spent the last 8 months building up all my 17 pieces for the exhibit. Will share some of the images here below, but to see the rest of the work you can check out the gallery website :)

Also for those interested in my print release with the gallery, the show card image 'Street Beats' is available as a limited edition giclee of 50 at $45. You can find those online through the gallery here!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Solo Show 'Suburban Surreal' @ Modern Eden Gallery

I'm obviously not the greatest with updating my blog all the time, I'm much better with social media, but nonetheless - I have a big solo show, titled Suburban Surreal, opening up at Modern Eden Gallery in a few weeks! On February 3rd, to be exact. I'll have 17 new drawings and paintings for show and sale, and am also planning to attend the opening reception in San Francisco myself :)

Anyone interested can find more info, as well as the link to jump on the collectors preview through the gallery show page. In the meanwhile, here's some sneaks of the work I have in store: