Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Website!

Hey guys!

I've very excited to announce my new official website is live as of today! Have wanted to revamp things for awhile now, and thanks to Bryan at Pandemic Arts (http://pandemic-arts.com/) I have a wonderful new site to showcase my work!

Check it out here: http://sarahjoncas.ca/ 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

'Little Big' @ Haven Gallery this Saturday

Hey guys! I've been bad at sharing on here as of late, so in order to catch up a little, there's a couple things to mention. First off, 'Little Big' is opening at the Haven Gallery in Northport this coming Saturday, November 21st! I'll have one very tiny 8x8" painting for show and sale there. Not a size I typically work in.

For anyone interested in purchasing from the show or viewing the work in person, you can find more info through the gallery website. Feel free to email them about the early preview.

Here's a couple pics of my piece: Entwine, 8x8", oil on board.

And my other bit of news concerns a very special Star Wars themed show 'Art Awakens' being held through Gallery 1988 LA. Though the physical pop up show has been taken down as of this weekend, the work will be up for auction through Ebay from now till November 23rd! In collaboration with Lucas Films and Disney, the gallery is selling the work with a good percentage going towards charity. 

Anyone interested in my piece or the other works from the show, can find them through ebay.
My framed work below: 'From Endor, with Love', 9x12", acrylic on board

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Studio Sale - Tues. Sept 1st

Hey Guys! I'm going to be having a special studio sale on my Etsy shop next Tuesday, September 1st @ 11am EST to help offset some recent vet bills I've accumulated. Due to serious health issues with my sweet cat Juggs, I've gone well over my means to do all that I can. Thankfully, after being in and out of the vet everyday for the last 2 weeks and an expensive surgery, he appears to be well on his way to a full recovery!

If anyone is interested in picking up some old or newer works from me at a good discount, next Tuesday is the best time to do so! Most of the work will be of a cartoon/illustrative nature, but there will be a few older oil paintings as well for sale. 

You can find my shop here. I'll post everything up at exactly 11am EST. 
Here's a few below, but I'll have around 10 pieces in total <3


 Thanks so much!

Transfigure @ Last Rites Gallery is now open!

Now that Transfigure has opened to the public, I can start sharing all the work from the show! Anyone interested in seeing the full preview and availability can contact the Last Rites Gallery at info@lastritesgallery.com. Otherwise if you're in NYC over the next month, the work will also be on display till October 3rd.

'In the Blight', 16x16", oil on wood
'Morning Star', 8x11", graphite and ink on paper (sold)

'Otherworldly', 12x18", oil on wood (sold)

'Overgrowth', 14x18", oil on canvas (sold)

'Schizogony', 20x24", oil on canvas (sold)

'Something in the Air', 18x24", oil on canvas (sold)

'Still Water', 11x14", oil on board (sold)

'Wither', 9x12", oil on board (sold)

Thanks so much! Hopefully I'll have some pics from the opening to share soon as well :)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Transfigure @ Last Rites Gallery

Hey guys! I have a upcoming 3 person show at the Last Rites Gallery next month - between myself, Alex Garant and painting duo Kit King/Corey Popp. "Transfigure" opens August 22nd in NYC and I'm planning on attending the opening myself! Excited to see the big apple once again :D

Anyone interested in the work can contact Casey (casey@lastritesgallery.com) at the gallery about getting on their preview. I'm going to have 7 new paintings and one drawing for show/sale there.

~ Here's some sneaks below! And more to come soon ~

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Superhero @ Modern Eden

Superhero - the annual portrait invitational show at Modern Eden Gallery, opens this Saturday June 13th! With the theme in mind, I took my piece in a different direction than majority of my work. Inspired by anime growing up as a teen and continuing to enjoy the style from time to time, I decide to paint up Ghost in the Shell's Major Kusanagi.

Anyone interested in the piece can contact the gallery. Images and info below:

'Inner Universe', 14x18", acrylic on canvas.

Show Card:

Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Contemporary Opens tomorrow!

"New Contemporary" opens tomorrow night at the TAC Art/Work Gallery in Toronto. I will have a couple pieces for show and sale there, alongside a small group of other Canadian artists. 

To anyone interested, the work will 1st be available to in person buyers at the opening reception (June 5th, 7-10pm) and any remaining pieces will then be for sale to online buyers on Tuesday (June 9th) @ 11am EST through my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/SarahJoncas

** If you're hoping to attend the show yourself, you must RSVP to the event through the facebook event page! Due to special event laws, it's required that we have a list of attendees at the opening. Even if you're unsure you can make it, it's best to RSVP just in case you can :)

Alas, here are my two pieces for the show. Both nicely framed up ~

'Sylvia', 13.5x8.5" (framed: 18.5x13.5"), graphite and ink on paper

"Helen", 9x12" (15x18"), oil on canvas board

Monday, May 25, 2015

New Contemporary Art @ the TAC Gallery in Toronto

So I have some exciting news - I'll finally be showing some of my work in Toronto next week! Opening night June 5th (next Friday) at the TAC Gallery, I'll have two pieces exhibited alongside a small group of talented Canadian artists. Planning on attending the reception myself as well, from 7-10pm.

**For those interested in attending the show, you're asked to RSVP to the event. Due to special event laws, only those who join the group will be allowed access to the reception.**

You can view some sneaks of my work for the show below. To anyone interested in the work, I will have the pieces available online the week following opening reception. More info and exact times will be available soon!


Monday, May 4, 2015

Jeunet & Caro themed Show @ Spoke Art

“La couleur de l’etrangete” opens this coming Saturday May 9th at Spoke Art in San Fran. I'll have one Amelie inspired work for this themed group show. Anyone interested is best to contact the gallery about their early preview going out this week!

'Quelqu'un à Aimer', 16x20", oil and acrylic on canvas. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Moleskin Project IV @ Spoke Art

Moleskin Project IV opens at Spoke Art this coming Saturday, April 4th. For those unaware, Moleskin is a kind of sketchbook and the whole show will consist of artists work on a one page spread. I'll have one piece in the show, framed up nicely by the gallery.

Anyone interested can contact the gallery about their preview

Rose, 8.5x10", oil on primed moleskin (framed)

Monday, March 9, 2015

'Shadowboxer' prints through 1xrun

Hey guys! I'm happy to announce a new upcoming print release with the good folks at 1xRUN this week! My dramatic self portrait, Shadowboxer, will be available this Wednesday (March 11th) at noon (EST), limited edition of 50 at $50, signed and numbered.

As with all the prints at 1xRun, the run will have a limited time availability, so get one while you can! http://1xrun.com/runs/Shadow_Boxer

"Beauty in the Breakdown" opening night + paintings!

Last weekend my joint show alongside artist, Camilla d'Errico opened at the Thinkspace Gallery in LA. Here are a few opening night pics, along with some images of the paintings from the show. Due to the fact that this blog often distorts the colour of my images though, I definitely suggest viewing the works online at through the Thinkspace website as well. Show is open till March 21st!

Many, many thanks to those that came out to support and say hi! I don't get out to LA very often, but it's always such a treat when I do <3