Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Snake in the Grass @ Subtext Gallery

My solo show Snake in the Grass recently opened at the Subtext Gallery in San Diego! I managed to make the trip down and visit, along with attending the opening night. Now that everything's public, here's all the work from the show! 

Though, the B&W images on this blog for some reason translate quite red. In reality, they are strictly black and white You can also view the work and sales through the gallery website.

'Lady Lazarus', 18x24", oil on canvas

'Once my Flame', 8x10", oil on canvas. 'Twice my Burn', 8x10", oil on canvas

'Shadowboxer', 14x18", oil on canvas.
'Snowfall', 9x12", graphite and ink on paper.

'Sweat', 8x10", oil on board.

'Looking Glass', 14x18", oil on canvas.

'The Purse Strings', 24x36", oil on canvas.

'Veil', 9x12", oil on board.

'Snake in the Grass', 22x28", oil on canvas.

'Selfie Fatale', 12x16", oil on canvas.

'Season of the Witch', 16x20", oil on board.

'Little Bird', 12x24", oil on canvas.

'Yolo', 11x14", graphite and ink on paper.

'All's Fair in Love and War', 24x48", oil on canvas.

'Earthly Delights', 11x14", oil on canvas.

'Forbidden Fruit', 16x20", oil on canvas.

'Good Vibrations', 12x16", oil on board.

 Will share some pics of opening night soon, as well. Many thanks :D!

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