Thursday, August 27, 2015

Transfigure @ Last Rites Gallery is now open!

Now that Transfigure has opened to the public, I can start sharing all the work from the show! Anyone interested in seeing the full preview and availability can contact the Last Rites Gallery at Otherwise if you're in NYC over the next month, the work will also be on display till October 3rd.

'In the Blight', 16x16", oil on wood
'Morning Star', 8x11", graphite and ink on paper (sold)

'Otherworldly', 12x18", oil on wood (sold)

'Overgrowth', 14x18", oil on canvas (sold)

'Schizogony', 20x24", oil on canvas (sold)

'Something in the Air', 18x24", oil on canvas (sold)

'Still Water', 11x14", oil on board (sold)

'Wither', 9x12", oil on board (sold)

Thanks so much! Hopefully I'll have some pics from the opening to share soon as well :)

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